Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What no google! History and kids

This morning I spoke to two Grade 3 classes at Blakeview Primary School about local history.  Local history is back in the school curriculum which is fantastic.  I always love speaking to children about history and find it so amusing some of their reactions and comments.

  • Munno Para Shopping centre was not always there, you know.  Stunned silence.
  • What is on your school logo (anvil).  A puzzle piece.
  • In what year did white settlement start in South Australia? 1642, 1723, 1822, even 1990.
  • Where could I find out information on Smithfield?  Google, computers, Internet.  Yes but where did Google get the information from? electricity.
My face bore a smile the whole way through at the children's answers. I was please that the majority seemed to know who Elizabeth was named after, although no one knew Adelaide was named after a Queen.

The concept of a before, is foreign, if its there now it had to always be there.  It was great to tell the kids the original of the suburbs names and I hope that this gives them a more sense of place.  We see history all around us but often are oblivious to it, in street names, logos, suburb names.  I explain to the kids that history is like doing a puzzle, one bit of information at a time and often Chinese whispers gets thrown in, that distorts what gets passed on.

Can't wait till the next talk.

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