Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mrs Bartle - A venerable lady

Mrs. Bartle, who resides at 16, Somerset Cottages, Walkerville, completes her 101st year on Friday, as she was born in St. Hilary parish, in the west of Cornwall, on October 17, 1801, four years before the battle of Trafalgar.  She remembers the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. "Why, that only seems like yesterday to me," she remarked. "I can remember the battle of Waterloo, 22 years earlier. The little children clapped their hands for joy when peace was proclaimed." Whilst in her native country Mrs. Bartle was for several years a school teacher. She is a Methodist, and has done much good work for the Church. In 1847 she embarked for South Australia with her husband and two children, and arrived here in the ship  Aboukir, with Captain Scott in command, in September of that year.  For some years she lived in Carrington street, Adelaide, and in 1853 accompanied her husband to Gould's Creek, where they entered into farming pursuits.  Mr. Peter Bartle, who died about 27 year s ago, was clerk of St. John's Church. He and his son joined in the rush to the Victorian goldfields previous to going into the country.  The family were residents of One Tree Hill for several years. Mr. Bartle helped to build the Wesleyan Church at that place, and with his daughter opened the first Sunday school there.  Mrs. Bartle resides with her daughter, who is nearly 70 years old, and crippled with rheumatic gout.  Mr. James Gartrell, who has taken a kindly interest in the old lady, suggests that it would be an act of philanthropy if, in honour of her birthday some substantial help were given to smooth the course of her later years.  Gifts of a useful kind as birthday presents would be highly appreciated.
The Advertiser Wednesday 15 October 1902

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