Friday, July 27, 2012

Man drops dead in the Virginia Hotel

Virginia, July 2.
At half past 7 o’clock this morning one of the men employed spreading metal on the main road for the district council dropped dead in the bar of the Virginia Hotel while in the act of taking a drink. He fell backwards, and the land lady (Mrs O'Neill), thinking he had been seized with a fit, applied restoratives to bring him to, but in a few minutes he expired.  Lance Corporal Kelly, of Two Wells was communicated with, and had the body removed to a room in an adjoining house.  The deceased is Dennis Gleeson, a blocker, living near Salisbury. He was a hard working man and leaves a widow and five children in rather poor circumstance. After the coroner (Mr J A Ryan) had made enquiries he deemed an inquest unnecessary.  A few days previously the deceased complained of pains near the region of the heart.
The Advertiser Thursday 3 July 1902

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