Monday, June 25, 2012

St Columba School beginings

The Hickinbotham builders began acquiring land at Smithfield in the 1970's, 12 separate land transactions were involved.  By the late 1980's this became known as Andrew's Farm.  The plan incorporated a regional centre, neighbourhood shopping centre and school.  There were actually plans for two schools, a state and Catholic school sharing facilities such as ovals.  The school was hindered by bureaucracy, government and church. Hickinbotham donated 3.5 acres of land and architect Geoff Nairn was commissioned to design the school.  The school became St Columba and shared by the Catholics and Anglicans.  It took eight years from the turning of the first sod to the opening ceremony by Dr Ian George and the Most Reverend Leonard Faulkner.

From the ground up the memories of Alan Hickinbotham

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