Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flower family of Smithfield

Terrible Shooting accident near Smithfield             
Child Killed
Gawler May 19
A sad shooting fatality occurred about two miles from Smithfield on Thursday evening.  Benjamin Last who is employed by Mr Jabez Flowers, farmer was emerging from the house with a loaded gun when Albert Flowers, eight years of age, son of his employer, ran into him, causing the weapon to explode.  The contents entered the boys chest, and h died 20 minutes afterwards.
Mr J.P Swann held an enquiry this afternoon and a verdict of accidental death was returned.  It transpired that Last did not know the gun was loaded until it went off and he was descending some steps leading from one room to the other.  The lad must have been entering the door just as the weapon exploded, as Last did not know he was there till he heard the scream, it being quite dark at the time.
SA Register Saturday 20 May1893
The Flower family migrated to South Australia aboard the David Malcolm and arrived in January 1854.  The family at that time consisted of their five children, Rachel (15), Anne (12), Joseph (10), Elizabeth (7) and Jabez (2).
Jabez was born in 1851 in Timsbury, Somerset, the son of James and Hannah HAMBRY.  He married Elizabeth Ann CARTER on 26 October 1874 in North Adelaide.  Elizabeth was born in 1852 at Roskeer Farm, Highercombe, SA.  Elizabeth was the third daughter of Thomas and Jane TRITHALL.  The Carters had purchased property at Golden Grove.
At that time, Elizabeth and Jabez already had four children.  They made the decision to move back to Golden Grove.  Jabez leased the Carter farm from his brother-in-law Thomas and also leased a number of sections near Smithfield.  Notable among them are sections 4149, 4148 and 4173, all of which he later purchased.
Jabez died in 1906 and is buried at Angle Vale.  Elizabeth and her surviving children moved into a house in Ravenswood Ave, Norwood.  She died in 1932 and is also buried at Angle Vale.  Daughters Ada and Mable lived on in the house for many years.

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