Monday, May 7, 2012

Ghosts of Teacher's past

For History month, Playford Library will be presenting a talk about the teachers of the Uleybury school.  We are fortunate that the beautiful building has been preserved and is open to the public as a museum.  While the history of the building is well document, less known is the lives of the teachers who taught there and the students who learnt there.
The school room is only 9 metres by 4.8metres.  At the rear is the Teacher's residence, two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, washroom, laundry and toilet.

The school was conducted along the lines of a church school until 1874 when education became the responsibility of the state government.  The school was eventually renamed the One Tree Hill Primary School after residents in Unley complained that their mail was being misdirected to Uley.  As the school grew transportable classrooms and other structures were erected.  The school remained in use until 1971 being the oldest school building still in use at that time.

The first teacher, Mr Alex John Mattingly lived on site was responsible for 18 boys and 16 girls. 

The current occupiers of the school believe there is a ghost, and it is a teacher, but which one?

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