Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Smithfield Football Club

SMITHFIELD, October 7.-A banquet, social, and dance were given in the institute hall last evening, under the auspices of the Smithfield Football Club. Much care had been bestowed upon the decoration of the room and tables. The Vice-President (Mr. E. A. Kelly) occupied the chair. The usual patriotic and other toasts were honoured. 'The Parliament' was proposed by Mr. Pritchard, and responded to by Mr. Deeble. Mr. Clucas was entrusted with the toast. 'The Smithfield Football Club.' He had long noticed how readily the leading people of the Smithfield district had recognised their social obligations in promoting local effort in various directions, and the interest they had taken in the 'newly formed football club had been helpful and wholesome. Mr. A. Butcher (captain) responded. He said the esprit de corps of the players had been splendid, but what he was most proud of was the tribute paid to the quality of their play, generously expressed by opposing clubs and spectators. 'The ladies' was proposed by Mr. Penfold, and a brother of the proposer responded. The secretary of the club submitted 'Kindred organizations, and the compliment was acknowledged by Mr. Harvey Kelly. The Chairman presented trophies to two young members of the club for consistent and improved play— H. Moss and G. Curtis. Misses Blake, Deeble, and B. Harvey contributed musical items, and dancing, followed.

The success of the evening was due largely to the energy and tact of Mesrrs. McGee and Butcher, captain, and secretary respectively, and the hearty, co-operation of the ladies of the district.

The Register Tuesday 10 October 1911

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