Monday, April 23, 2012

Lest we Forget

As ANZAC day approaches, we stop to remember all service men and women who fought and died in wars. The City of Playford will remember ANZAC day at the Smithfield war memorial at sunrise. Playford extends from One Tree Hill to Virginia, there are only two memorials dedicated to WWI, Smithfield and One Tree Hill.

Ninety-three men born in the Playford area enlisted;

Angle Vale 4
Blakeview 1
Edinburgh 8
Gawler River 2
One Tree Hill 19
Penfield 4
Smithfield 25
Virginia 30

Some of these men gave their lives for their country. The local history service has begun researching our fighting men and I have posted some of the research we have uncovered. As we approach the centenary of WWI, we need to ensure that these men are honoured and not forgotten. We also need to remember the impact on the local area, the mothers who had a son's enlist, the wives missing their husbands, the gap they left as the community continued on.

Lest we forget

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