Monday, December 19, 2011

Cemeteries in Playford

Smithfield Honour Roll - WWI

A new project we are working on in Local history is to research the people behind the name on war memorials in the area. We are starting with the Smithfield Honour roll which hangs in the Munno Para bowling club.

There are some names we haven't been able to work out yet, so if you can assist us please contact the library.


ADAMS Arthur Russell
ARNEY Norman Lawrence
ARNEY Reginald Hopetown
BARRITT Francis Earn
BLAKE Joseph William
BUTCHER Alfred Edward
CHIVELL Cromwell
COKER Allan Oswald
CURTIS George Henry
DAVIDSON Edgar Robert
FATCHEN Leonard John
HALLIDAY William Douglas
HOGAN Thomas
HOOLE Harold
JONES Allan Howard
JONES Horace Gerald
KELLY Harvey William
MAGGS John Hughes
McGEE William Lawrence
McSWEENEY Francis William
MOSS Alfred Hubert
MOSS George Howard
MOSS Cyril Edgar
PARHAM Frederick Roy McManus
SMITH William
SMITHAM Charles Gordon
STEWART William James
TIDMARSH Charles Edgar
THOMSON Cyril Reginald
WHITE Ross Andrews

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas break for family history volunteers

Family history volunteers are taking a well earned break over Christmas. They will be back on board, mid January. In the mean time if you are still keen to do your family history, you can always come in and access the free databases, Ancestry and Find My Past in the Library. All our other resources are available as well.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My mothers ways; household hints from the 1900's

Some tips taken from the book, My mothers Ways; Being a book of household hints from the early 1900’s in Australia. Collected by Mary Murray.
You can borrow this book from the Library.

When a pumpkin is too large for one meal, rub bicarb soda into the cut surface and the remaining portion will keep good and fresh until wanted again.

The shell of a hard boiled egg will peel much easier if it is firmly rolled back and forth on the table before you attempt to peel it.

Potatoes put in cold salted water for about fifteen minutes before putting into the oven to bake will cook in half the time, and will be well favoured.

A handful of salt thrown into the oven in which something has been burnt will at once prevent all unpleasant odour.

Spectacles cleaned and polished with ordinary eau de Cologne will not smear when the wearer is cooking over the stove.

To prevent cooking odour from invading the rooms beyond the kitchen, fill a small fruit tin with vinegar and place it on the back of the stove.

If rusty knives are soaked in raw linseed oil for a few hours the rust can be wiped off and the knife polished in the usual way.

Keep your lemon skins when squeezing the fruit and put them in the washing up water with the dishes. The lemon will remove the grease and make the dishes sparkle.

Dip cold meat pies in and out of cold water before reheating them and they will be crisp and juicy as when freshly cooked.

In the absence of oil, wet a cake of soap and apply to squeaking hinges; it acts instantly. Another good oiler is hand cream.

When using candles for table decoration, remember this tip. If they are chilled for at least 24 hours, they will burn only an inch an hour.

In case of arthritis, gently massage the joints with lemon juice and olive oil., This is most benefit when the patient has been made warm.

A lemon cut in halves and placed where small ants are troublesome will usually rid the place of them, and often works with larger ants too. Alternatively dust shelves and cupboards with ground cloves.

Throw your soap suds from washday over the lemon, grapefruit or orange tree. This will help keep the aphids away.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Tomorrow at 10:00am we are holding our last eGen session for the year.

We will recommence on the first Wednesday in February 2012. Next year we will have a slightly different focus, each month there will be a theme with web pages that will focus on the topic. I will provide a differnt over view of the topic before focusing on the web pages.