Friday, October 28, 2011

Uleybury Museum - Blast into the Past!

Uleybury School Museum Open Day

October school holidays saw Playford Library staff building a time machine to transport library patrons back to 1856! Our annual Uleybury School Museum* Open Day saw families and people from all ages join in the fun by participating in old time school lessons provided by Uleybury’s strict and scary caretaker – Phil Squires. Other events included watching how the old Lady Alice mine worked, writing on slate, playing with marbles, sack races, skipping, hop scotch, hula hoops, and watching a traditional Punch & Judy puppet show provided by the amazingly spectacular Professor Preston!

The day also saw partnerships with OPAL (Obesity Prevention and Active Living initiative) by providing healthy snacks for all participants including using the wondrous apple slinky machine!
Playford Library staff were chuffed with the 70+ participant turn out and already have plans for future directions on the annual event. Check out some of the happy snaps taken on the day via our Library Facebook page

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