Friday, October 28, 2011

Smithfield Speedway

The following are the entries for the Smithfield speed meeting on Saturday:— Ernest O. Thomas Handicap. 3 miles.— Vic Berrington. Eric Greene. Jack Newton.
Jack Arthur. Fred Seal, T. C. Burford. H. A. Rayner. Jim Spinks. Laurie Thomas,
Jack Cantlon. Harry Mardon, Bob Med well, Ron Taylor. George Jonas, Ross Schurgott. Alec Durward, Allan Edge comb. Wally Jay. W. R. Anspach, Johnny Moray.

Open Solo Scratch Race. 3 miles.—S. A. Rayner, Allan Edgecombe. Vic Berrington, Laurie Thomas, Jack Cantlon. Harry Maron, Bob Medwell. Johnny Morey.

The Advertiser Tuesday 10 October 1929

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